Skin Rejuvenation and Regeneration Programs

Skin Rejuvenation and Regeneration Programs


Skin Rejuvenation Programs

Taking skin cleaning and skin care seriously, not only for esthetic but also for health, may greatly help avoiding wrinkles and deformations that may arise as ageing progresses. If the skin is not properly handled, factors such as UV lights, make-up, free radicals, smoking, stress, air changes, and wrong diets can harm our skin, makes us look pale and tired even if we are still young. Proper skin care takes 1-1.5 hour, and in this time span, milk and tonic cleaning, peeling, ozone, steam, serum, face, mask, high frequency, and creaming are applied on the skin respectively. With this care, the skin is cleaned, closed pores are opened, blood circulation increases, dead cells and black dots are removed from the skin. With moistening, storing and cell regenerating applications, the skin can have a fresh and livery appearance. While skin care is carried on, using products appropriate to age and the needs of the skin are of upmost importance.
Skin moistening program: This is a method especially recommended for dry, moister free, deadened skins. This is a program, which increases the water holding capacity of the skin and which is nurtured by hyaluronic acids and polyhydroxy acids.
Skin regenerating program: This is a livening, moistening, cleansing program that reforms vital tissues in the skins, which lost its elasticity, liveliness, and glare.

Skin Anti-aging Program:
This is a program, which reduce and inhibits ageing symptoms and deformations caused by inside and outside factors such as ageing, sunlight, air pollution, eating habits, reactive oxygen radicals, smoking, metabolic problems.

Skin tightening program:
This is a program that makes the skin more structured and elastic. It is particularly applied on the face, the neck, low neck, and hands.

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