Removable Prostheses


1) Total prostheses are applied to toothless mouths.

2) Partial prostheses are applied to semi-toothless mouths.

a) Classical Partial Prostheses : they are applied to semi-toothless mouths. It is held to teeth by hook and nails.
b) Partial Prostheses with delicate holder : They are applied to semi-toothless mouths. They are aesthetic prostheses. They have not any apparatus like hooks.

Implant Supported Prostheses
Fixed: Bridges and crowns that are made with implant supported. Removable: They are similar with total prsotheses which are supported by implants. Implants that are preferred in mouths in which bone backing is deficient.

Flexible Removal Prostheses
These are elastic partial prostheses which are widely used around the world. But they are not mostly recognized in our country. These elastic prostheses stand easily recess and ledge of mouth.

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