From the age of 40 as a result of natural aging in humans occurs near vision difficulties. From an average of 45 years of age in the near vision need for the use of glasses. Ekimer laser treatments for the correction of vision problems for nearly 25 years away, close to the required use of glasses has not been possible to correct the refractive error that is called presbyopia. But in recent years have been significant improvements to rectify it. This layer of the cornea to fix the connection of the materials placed into the effects of a number of problems were limited and there was the realization of operations. Although some clinics, cataract and lens of the eye on the person rather than the distant and near vision lenses that are installed. Today, close to the excimer laser vision correction technology, the new technology called PRESBYMAX. This is just a technology that can be applied with Schwind Amaris device. Here are just a distant or near vision impairment with visual impairment can be treated. Lasik vision treatment procedures are the same as far as adjusting treatment procedures. With this procedure, the corneal flap mechanical keratome or femtolaser device is removed. This technology is still in Germany, France, Great Britain, Korea, China, Japan and Russia are implemented. Patients treated with this technology to a level that is quite good near vision comes from the first day, but it may be a temporary reduction in distant vision. After a detailed examination of the cornea and the pupil diameter PRESBYMAX this group of patients are treated with the appropriate therapy. Ihiyacı near vision in patients with than without the remote gives the best results. One of the major advantages of PRESBYMAX patient dissatisfaction with treatment, this treatment can be taken back in the same eye. Very new and excimer laser technology that enables the most gratifying result of near vision only Ekol in Izmir 750 Excimer Laser Eye Center Schwind Amaris device is applied with the latest technology. Double mode with a mechanical microkeratome flap Schwind This treatment may be applied by raising, Ziemer Z6 + Femtolaser ypılabilmektedir device with fully computerized control.

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