Pain Treatment with Acupuncture

Pain Treatment with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is widely used for chronicles pains. Acupuncture is very useful for especially neck and back pains, osteoarthritis (calcification), knee pain and headaches including migraine.

Acupuncture is needling and alerting certain parts of the body in order to ease enhancing well-being. Even though it was at first developed as a piece of traditional Chinese medicine, some modern acupuncturists, particularly the ones who have medical qualifications, understand acupuncture physiologically. Numerous randomized controlled trails have been conducted related to acupuncture for chronic pains.

Pain is not only the symptom of an illness, but also an inseparable part of a disease or a physiological problem. Acupuncture has an influence on neurovascular net and can completely change impedance of meridians or neurovascular bundles. For this reason, matching and disharmony of acupuncture meridian impedances with pain resource or brain impedance can reduce pain symptoms.

Acupuncture facilitate general coordination that helps the body and mind to reach general relative balance status. Additionally, some trials investigated that acupuncture can heal depressive ailments following cancer or a stroke and can have an impact on depression by protecting hippocampus nerve cells. Therefore, while choosing the acupuncture points for the treatment of chronic pain, only pain should be taken into consideration. Acupuncture is now a popular treatment method for the patients who are suffering from chronic pain and depression.

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