Oral-Dental Health Suggestions in Children

Oral-Dental Health Suggestions in Children
Dentition periods in children can be analyzed in 3 different terms;

  1. 0-6 years – Deciduous teeth period:
    Deciduous teeth can be variable but after average 6 months first starting often begins in the lower front area, it completes in 3 years old. In this period 20 teeth(10 bottom, 10 top) are erupted.
  2. 6-12 years – Mixed dentition period:
    In this period we see both deciduous teeth and incisive permanent teeth. In time, deciduous teeth leaves its place to the permanent teeth.
  3. 12 years and after – Permanent dentition period:
    In this period the deciduous teeth have fallen completely and the permanent teeth will take their place in the mouth. The balance between teeth and contacts are performed in this period.

Dental Development
Children’s first teeth are called deciduous teeth. These teeth are important because they provide child’s chewing and help to develop speech. Besides the deciduous teeth protect the location of permanent teeth which will come from bottom.

Bottle Caries
Bottle caries are frequently encountered problem for babies and little children. These caries are occured by touching with food, milk, sugar in fruit juices and deserts. The children are at risk when they fall asleep with sugary liquid. The teeth are affected because the caries-forming bacteria usually uses this sugar. Your children teeth have to be checked regularly and brown blots have to be followed.

Finger Sucking
Generally in under 2 years of age children, finger sucking is harmless habit. But it causes problems if it continues to after 2 years old that permanent teeth eruption.

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