Fixed Prostheses

Fixed Prostheses

The existent loss of tooth tissue is restored by fixing a prosthetic on the remaining tooth structure. Patients perceive their fixed prostheses as their own natural teeth.

Crowns: It is the process of reduction and covering when teeth have excessive material loss due to caries, fracture or another reason.

Bridges: Bridge prostheses are another way of restoring missing teeth. Missing teeth are restored by fabricating a bridge using the support of the adjacent teeth. For this reason, the adjustment teeth are reduced in size.

Metal-Backed Bridges

Standard metal “quotni-co” or precious metal “quotau” alloys can be used in substructure. Gold is the most precious metal that is used in dentistry. It is very adaptable for tooth and gum. Therefore, applications that used precious metal will be more healthy and aesthetic.

Unbacked-Metal Bridges

Are made from reinforced porcelain. Many things affect the appearance of crown. The most important is reaction to light. Naturel teeth pass through the light. According to this, the depth and shine of the teeth are revealed.

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