Simge Şenman Altun

Simge Şenman Altun

Simge Şenman Altun graduated from Yeditepe University Department of Diet & Nutrition in year 2014. She continues her education in Ege University in the branch of Chronic Diseases Master Degree.

She performed her duty in several public and private Hospitals as an Intern Diet & Nutrition Specialist. She worked as a consultant in İzmir Private Gözde Hospital and Egefit Healthy Life & Consultancy Clinic.

She published her thesis in the subject of “Premature and Low Weight Born Babies’ Nutrition” and prepared seminars in the field of “Nutrition of Oncologic Patients”
She completed special education courses of Diabetes Nutrition, Sleeve Gastrectomy Operations Post-op Nutrition, Sportsmen Dietitian.

Her main focus areas are: Nutrition of Diabetese Patients, Sportsmen Nutrition, Healthy weight losing, Nutrition in Chronic Diseases, Post Bariatric Surgery Nutrition, Nutrition in Pregnancy.

  • Nutrition of Diabetese Patients
  • Sportsmen Nutrition
  • Healthy weight losing
  • Nutrition in Chronic Diseases
  • Post Bariatric Surgery nutrition
  • Nutrition in Pregnancy

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