Dr. Utku Kubilay


 Dr. Utku Kubilay

Dr. Utku Kubilay



He was born in Bolu - Göynük in 1974. He completed his secondary and high school education in Istanbul Kadıköy Anatolian High School. He started his medical education by getting into Marmara University, Faculty of Medicine (in English language) in 1992. 

He was graduated from Faculty of Medicine in June 1999 and assumed the title of Consultant Otorhinolaryngologist after completing his specializing in the field of Otorhinolaryngology at Kartal Training and Research Hospital, department of Otorhinolaryngology Clinic in 2003.

He worked with sinuses from cadavers at Marmara University, Anatomy Clinic. He attended many cadaver courses in Izmir and Ankara. He served as a clinical observer along with Dr. Shah and Dr. Shaha at U.S. New York Memorial Sloan Kattering Hospital that is accepted as one of the world's number one head and neck surgery clinics for a period of 6 months in 2005.

He attended Erlangen/Germany Facial Plastic Surgery Workshop and Practical Cadaver Course, Bern/ Switzerland Facial Plastic Surgery Workshop and Practical Cadaver Course, Zagreb Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Practical Cadaver Course. He kept abreast of current developments in his occupation and attended to facial plastic surgery congresses held in Malta, the Netherlands, USA (Chicago) and USA (Miami) and made oral presentations in the field of facial plastic surgery in Nice-France congress.

He completed his practical training in the field of sleep disorders, one of his special interests and got the certificate of Sleep Medicine and established sleep laboratories in the hospitals where he has served and served as the responsible staff. He has continuing studies in the fields of snoring, sleep apnea and mask treatment.

He assumed the title "Member of Turkish Otorhinolaryngology Competence Board" by being successful in the Otorhinolaryngology Competence Exam in 2007. He was also entitled to the Certificate of European Otorhinolaryngology Competence by being successful in the exam held by the European ORL Board (European Board Examination in Otorhinolaryngology) in 2013. (Fellow of the European Board of ORL-HNS).

He lectured on Otorhinolaryngology for the students of Yeditepe Faculty of Medicine. He has performed as many as 16000 operations and over 1500 aesthetic nose operations up to today. He has about 30 printed articles that has taken place in domestic and foreign literature.

He is a member of European Facial Association, Fellow of the European Board of ORL, Turkish Sleep Medicine Society, U.S. Head and Neck Surgery Association, Turkish Otorhinolaryngology Association, Facial Plastic Surgery Association and Turkish Medical Association.

His interests are tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and ear ventilation tube insertion surgeries with the method of Thermal Welding, concha bullosa (deviation) surgery, closed and open technical rhinoplasty (aesthetic and functional nose surgery), otoplasty prominent ears plastic surgery, ear microsurgery (Tympanoplasty surgery and hearing reconstruction surgical operations), endoscopic sinus surgery, endoscopic DSR (lacrimal sac surgery), soft palate, sleep apnea and snoring, radiofrequency surgery, soft palate implantation, vocal cord polyp and nodule microsurgery operations and  salivary gland disease surgeries.

He speaks English very well and Surgeon Dr. Utku Kubilay is married and has two children. 

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