Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry


In this system, white alloy zirconium is used. This is the only material that offers aesthetic and durability together. The biggest advantage of the system is to reach high resistance and provide full aesthetic appearance to bridges at the rear.

For many years in porcelain applications, metal substructure have been used for durability under the porcelain tooth. Zirconium was used successfully in the other branches of medicine. A new era was opened by using zirconium in dentistry instead of metal porcelain.


These are porcelain leaves that are posted in front of the tooth surface. A one millimetre thin layer is removed from the outer surface of the tooth and measurement is taken. The porcelain laminates which are prepared on models are tested and pasted on the actual tooth in most appropriate form. Maximum aestehetics are acquired with minumum damage. Distance between teeth, hazes and caries are eliminated with this method. Any color can be given but this color never changes. View is natural. The process takes a few sessions.


Dental bleaching, also known as tooth whitening, is a common procedure in general dentistry but most especially in the field of cosmetic dentistry. A child’s deciduous teeth are generally whiter than the adult teeth that follow. As a person ages the adult teeth often become darker due to changes in the mineral structure of the tooth, as the enamel becomes less porous. Teeth can also become stained by bacterial pigments, foodstuffs and tobacco. Certain antibiotic medications (like tetracycline) can also lead to teeth stains or a reduction in the brilliance of the enamel this can be achived in a harmless way with the teeth whitening process. Bleaching must be done by personalized drugs after the dentist examination.

– Bleaching has 2 ways:

1) Home Bleaching: You will apply this method in your home with dentists orientation and instructions. A special measurement has taken from the patient’s mouth and personalized whitening plaque is prepared. Before sleeping, water-based bleaching drugs are placed into the plaque. The plaque which is placed in mouth through the night develops and the whitening is achieved. The process is applied in 7-10 days according to the amount of whitening and reaching the best result.

2) Office Bleaching: This process is applied by dentists when bleaching needs to be faster. The gums are isolated and drugs are taken. For improving the effectiveness of drugs, blue light which have used in radiated fillings, is applied.

What should I look out for he treatment of Bleaching?

This process must always be under the dentists control and instructions must be followed.

Caries, cracks, fracture zones effect chemical material and may cause damages. This type of tooth problems must be eliminated before whitening process.

During the bleaching process, tea, coffee or smoking should be avoided and regular brushing and maintenance procuders should be applied systematically by us.

Inlay-Onlay Fillings

Porcelain inlay/onlay are superior aesthetic fillings that have maximum durability. They are prepared in a special laboratory. We can apply inlay-onlay fillings to teeth which need large fillings. These fillings are preferred because under construction they require more or less material loss according to porcelain crowns. Decay is cleaned and a measurement is taken. Porcelain inlay fillings are pasted to teeth with a special glue (adhesive system).


Composite fillings are also known as white fillings because they are tooth-colored. At the beginning they were used only for front teeth, now dentists are using them for back teeth as well because durability against chewing forces are increased.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

Being aesthetic is the biggest advantage of composite fillings. They are polished immediately after filling.They can be used not only for restoration of dental caries, but also for cosmetic transactions by changing the colour and shape.

Disadvantages of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are applied layer by layer and harden with a special light. Therefore, compared with amalgam it takes long time and is more difficult to make. The price is more expensive than amalgam. Discoloration can be seen in a long time.

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