Brazialian Butt Lift

The common characteristic of the famous Brazilian women is that they have steep, plumb butts in esthetic view. We would not be wrong if we say that Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek are early in the list of those that could be considered as example. Steep and nice butt maintaining its fullness on the other hand which is not big too much is usually a genetic heritage. This nice heritage can be maintained for so long through the exercise and with correct nutrition. However, some people may not be born with such a nice Brazilian butt or their butt may lose its fullness with time. Thus, in such situations, fat injection into the butt can be done for steepening and for plumbing the butt region without the necessity of surgery. This procedure is called butt aesthetics via fat filling.        

What is Butt Aesthetics via Fat Injections?

The procedure performed to regain the volume of the butt lost due to age or due to other causes by utilizing the renewing capacity of fat cells is called Butt Aesthetics via Fat Injection. Since no surgical incision is performed in this procedure it can be referred as esthetical butt surgery without trace. 

In which people Can Butt Esthetics via Fat Filling be done?

As in all surgical procedures, esthetical butt surgery via fat filling cannot have convenient characteristics for some people. To be able to apply the procedure the volume in the butt should not be lost completely. For example, fat injection cannot be sufficient for a very weak butt which lost its volume completely or for a reduced butt. Instead of this, procedures such as butt silicon should be preferred. Moreover, fat injection may not be sufficient alone also for people who have excessively sagged lower butt and it may be necessary to apply it with butt lifting esthetics. Of course, preliminary examination is absolutely required to reach to all of these conclusions.    

How Butt Esthetics with Fat Filling Is Performed?

For butt esthetics surgery with fat injection that have become popular in recent years and which presents a very practical solution for a nice butt, the regions from which the fat will be taken and those to which the fat will be transferred are first determined. For this procedure, the fat cells are transferred from the regions in which undesired fats are intensive by means of special cannulas developed for this procedure. The fat tissue containing the fat cells is transferred into the butt in a multi-layered fashion. Here, the issue that the physician should particularly care is the layered transfer. Because fat tissue remains for so long and it does not resolve with this technic.       

Is the Butt Esthetics with Fat Filling Persistent?

The butt esthetics with fat injection in which filling applications is achieved with a technic which is for butt is not a persistent procedure. The procedure should be repeated with several intervals. However, it is a very attractive esthetic application with the characteristics such as being a comfortable procedure which does not disturb the patient and presenting a practical application. How frequently the procedure will be repeated depends on more than one factor such as the patient age, the characteristics of the taken fat tissue and the characteristics of the fat cells.     

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